MPT are currently developing a range of new technologies for the Ag sector.

Our first product to be offered is a tine based, Tech-Enabled Broadacre Seeder.

Using a mixture of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Integrated Sensors, the planter can monitor the conditions of the soil live while planting.
It can be used in ‘Auto’ mode, where it can self adjust itself to the optimal seeding depth, or it can be used in ‘Manual’ mode, providing an electronic depth controlled planter.

Whilst the sensors are available to be used to control seeding depth, they can also be used to adjust the seeding rate, whereby the seeding can be Increased or Decreased depending on the soil profile.

Mechanically, it is the ideal product for deep moisture seeking, with seeding depths from 0 to 250mm.

Further to this, is can be also be used to determine a range of other variable rate inputs.

The planter does not require Internet Connectivity to operate as it is self adjusting, however the data can be extracted post planting, to overlay with other data such as Yield Maps, and can be used in conjunction with other applications such as for spraying and fertiliser, giving you the full spectrum of crop data from the time the seed was planted, right through to harvest.