Seeder Row Unit Specifications:

Basic Row Unit Mechanics: 3 Stage - Double Parallelogram and Press-wheel (Registered Design)
Stage 1: Leading Gauge-Wheel with Coulter
Stage 2: Tine (Patent Pending)
Optional: Double Disc; or Cultivator Point
Stage 3: Press-Wheel

Seeder Width:
12 Metre (40’)
18 Metre (60’)
24 Metre (80’)

Seeding Depth: 0 to 250mm (10”)

Transport Clearance: 300mm

Depth Control:
Auto-Mode: Automatic Depth based off: Soil Conditions and seed Coleoptile Length
Manual-Mode: Electronic Set from In-Cab Tablet

Breakout Control: Electronic from Cab

Packing Pressure: Electronic from Cab

In-Cab Control: Standard Tablet: iPad / Android

MPT Agtect Row Unit.jpg