How to Buy

Our equipment is not available for outright purchase. It is however available on a dry hire, fully serviced, ‘By-The-Hectare’ rate. This gives you the knowledge of what the input costs of the equipment is for every hectare it is used, and the peace of mind that you are not paying for equipment in the years that it is not being used.

And for us, it enables us to conduct software upgrades, monitor wear, and to be able to replace and improve the design of components when they fail.

If you have an interest in our products, please complete the form on the Enquiry tab.

Auxiliary Equipment

As we are supplying the Planter on a By-The-Hectare arrangement, it makes sense that we are also able to offer other associated planting equipment as part of the service.

In this case, our immediate likely auxiliary product offerings are:

  • Seed Carts - 9,000 ~ 12,000 litre options

  • Tractors - 400hp ~ 600hp options - to suit planter width

    *** All equipment supplied to suit 3 metre controlled traffic applications

If you have interest in our Auxiliary equipment options, we would love some feedback on what Makes and Models you would like to see us include.  Please complete the form on the Enquiry tab.