The team at MPT have been working in Ag for years. From front-end loaders, to sprayers, spreaders, and planters, we’ve done it all. So when you take a team of experienced engineers and designers that have a wealth of experience in Ag and Product development, and a new energy of inputting that into Ag, you end up with…

In recent years, changes in broadacre farming practices have resulted in planter sizes growing, requiring similar growth in horsepower requirements of tractors. Whilst efforts of controlled traffic have made great improvements, much of the equipment behind the drawbar is still largely ‘Agricultural’. We want to change this approach, and make trailing equipment smarter; self sensing; self optimising; ultimately resulting in reducing the horsepower requirements of the tractor.

The Team:

David Finlay
Dave was raised on farming properties in the far west of NSW. He has a deep appreciation of the risks involved in farming in our constantly changing conditions. Dave is a toolmaker by trade and since 2003, has owned and operated the engineering and design firm Trang Imagineering. He has proven experience designing products for Agriculture, Refrigeration and Mining, and always strives for break-through innovation.

Paul Mullins
Paul has over 17 years of industry and design experience, and hold a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. Paul commenced work as a toolmaker and then developing his skills as a CAD designer. Paul has worked in a range of industries from developing whole refrigerators with Electrolux, through to automotive transmissions with CAAT Engineering. Paul’s skills are not only the detailed design, but also carries out the structural development of the products using a range of Finite Element Analysis tools.

Gordon Howard
Gordon holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Physical Metallurgy) from UNSW, and has since been heavily involved with project and production and site management. Gordon has developed new and customised products to optimise product features, reduce manufacturing costs and maximise product reliability as well as providing technical support to the project and manufacturing teams. Gordon has a passion for new ideas, and is primarily involved with the technology development of our products.

Jacki Winders
Jacki has 20 years of administration and office management experience. Jacki has worked in the automotive, crane, and manufacturing sectors and is highly skilled in all areas of office administration. Her experience in finance, projects and in particular WH&S compliments and supports the other team members. Jacki’s main roles are that of Purchasing and Stock Control.